Think on these things!

I love this verse. It’s my absolute favorite. It’s talking about what we can think about.

  •  Things that are true… the real facts about something. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). 
  • Things that are honest… free of deceit.
  • Things that are just… in keeping with the truth.
  • Things that are pure…undiluted, authentic, real, 24-carat(I’m smiling here), free of extraneous elements of any kind.
  • Things that are lovely…awesome, beautiful, fabulous, dope, excellent, marvelous, swell, of the very best kind, prizewinning, five-star, fab, dynamite, and the list of synonyms goes on and on.
  • Things that are of a good report…
  • Things of virtue…this includes morality, valor, merit, potency, chastity.
  • Praiseworthy things…those that we would love to appreciate and spread the word about because of their goodness and benefits.

If we think on these things, then surely our lives, words, hearts and actions will be full of such. Have a lovely week as you think on these things. 


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