Use your experience.

Experience is said to be the best teacher. Well, I agree. I’d just like to add on to the statement. Experience is the best teacher, even to those that would like to learn from the experience of others. Its more like refusing to reinvent the wheel. I’ts been done before and the formulas are there. It’s just a matter of using what’s there as the primary option and editing from there so you can fit into what situation is at hand. I think that’s the whole point of sharing with each other. Sharing stories of events, moments, hard times, lovely surprises. Just so we learn from what other’s experienced as much as they learn from their own experiences and ours too. So, sharing with each  other is important. 

Sometimes, when stuff has gone so bad in your life, you can be tempted to think that you are the only unfortunate individual in the whole entire universe and that this is as bad as can be. Then you hang on a little bit more and the sun starts shining again, making you realize that it wasn’t that bad after all. At that moment, you may still feel like it was your fault things got that bad. Maybe it was your fault. But hey, we all mess up sometimes. That’s how it is. Then we learn from our mistakes and have an experience to share with others in need.
I’ve had so many times people come pour their hearts out to me when stuff has gone heavy for them. Mostly I’m like, Oh God, I’ve felt this way too. Then my heart just wants to connect with the person and let them know that it’s not just them. At those moments, I remember how I felt and so I respond in a way that felt so refreshing to me. I use my experiences from when I was in the pit to comfort those that are in the pit now. 

I’ve so many times gone to my most precious friends, sisters, family to cry over one thing or another. I still do that a lot, for I’ve had them share some of the hard and difficult things that they have gone through. And all the while my mouth is wide open in shock at how one gets through all of that and still smile. I learn from how they handle issues of their own and how brave they are when things go tumbling down. I love how these marvelous men and women turn to God for comfort when the going gets tough. But  I know , in those moments, that I, too, can find comfort from God.

Your experience in the pit can help you help someone find comfort in God through their situation. When  I look at situations that way, it helps me just want to ask God to show me a learning opportunity regardless of what is going on in my life because I know someone, someday, will need my experience to get through and have their own experience too. 

Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him –  Aldous Leonard Huxley.


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